About Us

Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd.'s vision is to promote 'green living' by designing beautiful, eco-conscious home decor and fashion wear for those seeking to live one with mother nature. We believe green can be luxurious and beautiful. Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd.'s luxury bedding collections are handmade and environment friendly. Our collections highlight Vegetable Dying and Jamdani techniques which are handmade, luxuriously soft, and extravagantly eco-friendly!
Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. is committed to working with and training local female artisans and weavers to expand their design sense to appeal to a wider global market. We believe in promoting all things handmade and eco-friendly. Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. strives to promote environmentally friendly living by supporting Jamdani weavers, whom suffer from a lack of publicity and patronage for their creativity and expertise. Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. is devoted to providing work for female weavers/artisans as their income is primarily used to support and educate their families. We believe in supporting and providing work for weavers/artisans in their rural villages and communities. This in turn helps them sustain their livelihood and support whole communities/families as opposed to if they were uprooted and brought to urban training centers.
Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. is the newest addition to Tangail Saree Kutir (TSK), the oldest saree store in Bangladesh selling locally crafted fabrics and designs. Since its launch in 1982, TSK has become a nationally recognized brand for elegance and quality. For over 25 years, TSK has been dedicated to assisting Bangladesh's weavers promote their exquisite cloth-making techniques. Over the years, TSK has expanded from 3 weavers and 1 craftsman, to 12000 weavers, 500 craftsmen, and 70 employees working in five different boutiques. TSK is frequented by the following royal, political, and renowned individuals.
  • Ravi Shanker (Indian Classical Musician)
  • Noble Laureate Professor Yunus
  • The Ghandi Family (Indian Prime Ministers and Members of Parliaments)
  • Mrs. Rowshan Ershad (Former First Lady to Bangladesh)
  • Ritu Kumar (Renowned Indian designer)
  • Mrs. Musharaf (Former First Lady to Pakistan)
  • And Many More.
Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. combines eco-friendly fabrics, dyes, and hand-loom techniques from the East to beautify homes. A portion of Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd.'s proceeds goes to teaching rural female artisans/weavers about eco-friendly practices desired by eco-conscious buyers. Trading terms offered by Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. enable artisans to maintain their eco-friendly way of life. Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. deliberately works with womenfolk, weavers, and artisans in order to help them move from a position of vulnerability to one of economic, social, and environmental well being. Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. is dedicated to showcasing the work of artisans from rural villages as a viable solution for eco-friendly living.

Main Showroom

143/1 New Baily Road (Natok Sharani)
Dhaka-1000, Phone : 8314567

Eastern Plaza Showroom

2/23-36 Eastern Plaza, Sonargaon Road
Dhaka-1205, Phone : 9660137

Bashundhara City Showroom

Block-D, Shop No-102, 13/K/1, Pantopath
Dhaka-1205, Phone : 9111440, Ext. : 404102

Dhanmondi Showroom

Dr. Refat Ullah Happy Arcade, Road No-3
House No-3, !st Floor, Shop No-35/36
Dhanmondi Dhaka-1205, Phone : 9666975

Gulshan Showroom

Rangs Arcade Tower (1st Floor), 153/A Gulshan North Avenue
Gulshan-2, Dhaka. Phone : 8811046

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