Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. offers hand made, sustainable home decor and fashion wear. Our collections are designed for those who seek artistic elegance and understated luxury. We specialize in showcasing luxurious home linens from hand made fabrics such as hand embroidered Jamdani and Natural Dyed eco-Fabrics. Jamdani is an age-old, almost lost weaving art which dates back to the 4th century A.D. Jamdani is an exquisite delicate fabric which was once reserved only for royalty. This year we are excited about introducing handmade Jute bags and totes for those wishing to travel in style while being environmentally responsible. Tangail Saree Kutir Ltd. is a woman owned and operated company that strives to showcase luxurious designs, hand made by female artisans and weavers. We conscientiously dedicate ourselves to charity welfare programs while continuing to advocate Fair Trade practices. We believe in championing weaver and artisan groups who are hardship inflicted. Browse our Catalog of handmade sustainable designs which are unique, eco-friendly and will harmonize your home with nature.
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